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shame on YOU. stepping all over architecture misogyny with tactical humor and cheekiness.


    Rebel Architecture 5/6 MALE →

    we love all these architects but we just had to point out the disparity. keep in mind for next time Aljazeera!

    — 1 week ago with 1 note
    Metropolis Mag's State of Criticism: 12/18 MALE →

    does anyone know what was the count in the 1985 piece?

    — 2 weeks ago with 1 note
    Art Everywhere US Summer Art Gallery: 50/58 MALE →

    50 paintings in the “very big art show” are done by male artists, and only 8 paintings done by a total of 6 female artists (two of them get double billing). see their video here and the list here.

    — 3 weeks ago
    Rotch Traveling Scholarship Winners: 114/116 MALE →

    we found one female in the records from 1882 to 1996, and one more in the ‘past winners’ section that covers 2005 to 2014—and that’s including an alternate male in 2005! thanks to¬†paperarchitect for the tip.

    — 3 weeks ago with 1 note
    Implosions/Explosions: 20/21 MALE →

    at first this seemed like a candidate for the #ALLMALE shame group, but after very very careful examination we found Hillary Angelo. congrats! sadly, it’s worse than it seems since out of those 20 guys several give repeat appearances. lighten up [on the] dudes, dudes!

    — 1 month ago
    Faculty Salaries - Averages by Gender, Academic Rank →

    Unacceptable differences between male and female faculty. BostInno further analyzes Boston area universities using these numbers here. Thanks to our friends at Women in Design for the link.

    — 1 month ago