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shame on YOU. stepping all over architecture misogyny with tactical humor and cheekiness.


    Implosions/Explosions: 20/21 MALE →

    at first this seemed like a candidate for the #ALLMALE shame group, but after very very careful examination we found Hillary Angelo. congrats! sadly, it’s worse than it seems since out of those 20 guys several give repeat appearances. lighten up [on the] dudes, dudes!

    — 23 hours ago
    Faculty Salaries - Averages by Gender, Academic Rank →

    Unacceptable differences between male and female faculty. BostInno further analyzes Boston area universities using these numbersĀ here. Thanks to our friends at Women in Design for the link.

    — 3 weeks ago
    14th Biennale Jury: 3/5 MALE #NOSHAMEHERE →

    In an ideal world we would like to switch one of the two Europeans for a North, Central, or South American. so close!

    — 2 months ago
    Data Drama Conference at Princeton SoA: 16.5/19 MALE →

    one half of Metahaven is female, we don’t have info on ScanLab.

    — 4 months ago
    Designers at Design Within Reach 159/180 MALE →

    HT our reader who did the count—that one was a lot of work!

    — 5 months ago with 1 note